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I must have failed to make it clear that I use pixel-peeping only for the checking of image quality, NOT as a means to "take pictures of details".

Pixel-peeping does not show the image quality, at all. It shows sensor/lens capabilities, accuracy of the photograph (in focus). All those aspects can be perfect, and the image is still crap.

We are talking about technical image quality, not aesthetic quality. Resolution, noise and focus are all components of technical image quality.

Image quality doesn't come from perfect details alone.

Nobody said it did.

But what would have been a good picture artistically can be spoiled by a technical defect such as wrong focus or camera shake. I have a great many examples in my archives.

It depends on the subject. Technically, Robert Capa's D-day landing shots are a bit underwhelming by the standards usually espoused here, but that is missing the point. Some pictures (say, a product shot) will be ruined by the smallest technical flaw. Many other subjects will be in between.

As someone whose goal is to produce some form of hard copy output rather than screen output, many flaws can be hidden by appropriate choice of print size. It's really people who are striving for high quality very large prints who should be most concerned with high technical quality.

When viewing on screen, if my images don't stand up to pixel peeping, I would say "don't pixel peep"

One thing I noticed by my old and now malfunctioning Kodak 14n, was that it is a terrible camera for pixel peeping. There are a lot of very obvious pixel level defects that look quite horrible. But a 19" wide print from a good file can look lovely.

Clearly, what is appropriate technical image quality for an image is dependent on the application you have in mind for it. Perhaps we should be more forgiving of what we see as technical flaws in certain products because much of the time they don't matter in practice (and sometimes they will, equally).

All true.

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