No More Spherical Aberration

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No More Spherical Aberration

Below is a direct copy and paste from  I wonder how long before this research works its way through to new lenses - 5 years?

The following formula looks hilariously complex, but in effect it's the solution for the following problem: given a lens made of a certain material, and with a given shape on the front side, what shape does the back side need to be in order to completely remove all spherical aberration?

It's probably not the most memorable collection of symbols ever assembled, but having worked out the equation, Gonzalez ran tests simulating the behavior of 500 different light rays, and found that the formula met with real-life results with an average accuracy of 99.9999999999 percent.

What does it all mean? Well, Gonzalez's formula should vastly reduce trial and error in the lens making business. It could result in simpler, smaller, cheaper and sharper lenses with fewer elements. And optics, of course, isn't restricted to the camera game. There could be even more interesting effects at the tiniest end of the scale, with sharper microscope imaging, and at the biggest end of the scale with deep-space telescopy. Certainly, this kind of advance could make a wonderful contribution to many other research efforts.

The paper, titled "General Formula to Design a Freeform Singlet Free of Spherical Aberration and Astigmatism" was published in the Optical Society's Applied Optics journal.

Source: Tecnologico de Monterrey via PetaPixel

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