Which lens is on your Sony A7iii the most?

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Re: Which lens is on your Sony A7iii the most?

Well, to be honest, these look like pictures taken by a phone.. am I too honest ?

I feel like people shooting WEDDINGS with anything else than fast primes or f2.8 zooms are not really working towards clients satisfaction, I do have my own wedding in 6 months and if I saw these shots in a portfolio I'd definitely not pick you.

But I understand that some people have much lower expectations and it could work out of course, for them the pictures might be good, but this is only my feeling, I'd never shoot a wedding with something like kit lens.

But I am also a kind of person who has too high expectations also from himself so, maybe I am too harsh to others or expect too much from others.

Edit: this is response to user Aberaeron and his post, i am still new to dpr forums and this system of responses is overly complicated

Anyway, back to the topic; currently my tamron is on my camera 100% of time, because after enjoying and playing with 50mm f1.8 I decided to stick with versatile lens rather than prime, even though I loved the pictures it produced, after few days of travel/vacation and dusty sensor (due to 50mm not being dust/moisture resistant) in somewhat harsh conditions in Slovak Paradise and around Orava region in Slovakia, I decided to stick with one lens and that's the tamron for now.

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