Dated but still excellent for sun-lit photos

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Dated but still excellent for sun-lit photos

I have bought this camera in 2011, for the Foveon and APS-C of course. With relatively low resolution (by 2019 measure) the pixels are so huge they are able to capture the sunlight and gloomy light so well you can tell what type of clouds there was on the day!

I love the slightly-saturated but "full" colors, that are never wrong - given you leave it to "Sun" color mode - "Auto" does not work well.

SIGMA Photo Pro is quirky, in terms that by default it will try and process RAW in sRGB mode. One has to go to Settings in the PC/Mac software and set the "processing canvas" colorspace to ProPhoto, to avoid disappointment. One may also drop saturation by -2 to keep it fair with reality. It also helps to save JPGs in a better output gamut, if your viewers support that (Adobe RGB, or ProPhoto to avoid colorspace conversion)

Many new SIGMA users may gave up without knowing what's going on, i guess. Counter-intuitive default settings in SPP I must say.

I have given the DP2s away as a gift, because I then bought a DP2 Merrill which was razor-sharp crazy resolution but worse color reproduction (it saw some IR as well).

Ended up selling DP2 Merrill and re-buying a DP2s which I shall keep forever.

I understood the color capture quality is my prime requirement, resolution comes second. Must've been spoiled by color film slides as a kid...

I have also bought a DP1s for wider landscape/architecture shots but color purity there is not as good as it's an earlier camera. It is also lots slower to process/write RAW shots.

Looking at latest SD Quattro photos does not get me excited, all I see is some preference towards olive-green gamma, not in my taste. Looks Nikon-ish.

So, in a nutshell, DP2s is the pinnacle of Foveon, for me. That or SD15 if one must use various lenses.


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