Optical vs Software Photography ?

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Re: Optical vs Software Photography ?

Antti Roine wrote:

Some 16 years ago I wrote directly to Canon and Nikon R&D that "please replace mechanical mirror, pentaprism and shutter with the digital solutions". They gave polite answers that they will make the inventions by them selves. Now they have finally made these inventions in Canon EOS R and Nikon Z7.

I was also knocked out in these forums:



My wishes have finally came true. However, Canon and Nikon bet on the wrong horses again: They are investing on the optical photography instead of the software photography. This is not wise because:

1) With tiny phone camera sensors we can get a long depth of field and very sharp photos, but also beautiful bokeh with the software photography even in dark conditions.

No, fake bokeh is still terrible.

2) With full-frame sensor and wide aperature lens you can get beautiful bokeh, but with software photography it is impossible to convert the unsharp background to sharp one.

As a photographer, you have to know what settings to use to get the photo you want.

3) Full-frame sensors makes the mirrorless cameras large and heavy.

If Canon and Nikon directors are wise, they will invest on smaller APC-C size sensors and inteligent software photography integrated to the camera - like the mobile phone manufacturers do. Most of the users do not want to edit raw files in the Photoshop.

The latest small mobile phone cameras gives us the prelude of the possiblities of the software photography with the small sensors and automatic GPS location data.

If you want a smartphone- buy one

But FF cameras are pretty much the only ILCs still selling. And APS-C bodies/lenses are not that much smaller than FF.

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