Free or cheap Editing Software that Actually Works?

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Free or cheap Editing Software that Actually Works?

I have spent a few days now trying to find an editing alternative to my macbook's iPhoto software.

I can't justify a monthly subscription to adobe products. I'm sure a few of you will take umbrage with me for not doing so, but I'm not a professional, nor am I an elitist who has to have what "prosumers" are using in order to render their pics of pets and kids...I need value for my input, and a lingering adobe subscription, or rather the idea of it, doesn't fit that idea. I'm sure some will take offense, and I sort of apologize...

I downloaded a free trial of GraphicsConverter, but it had fewer available features than iPhoto. The paid version looked to be more useful, with layers etc, but I held off getting it because I don't see a lot of recent users singing its praises.

I downloaded GIMP, and after my mac insisted I couldn't install it without re-authorizing a non-app-store download EVERY time I tried to open it (which it never did for any other piece of software before this), I decided it wasn't going to work for me. And I didn't understand the point of having to convert an image to a jpg in order to edit it...why shoot RAW in the first place?

This may seem like a rant, and to a degree it is, but I can't figure out what to do to raise my editing/processing game. Which option to finally choose? I guess I thought I'd turn to this community for advice/info. A quick search of the forums didn't satisfy.

Most of you may say "just pay the subscription", but why should I essentially finance something that I just want to own, and want to be able to NOT use for months if I chose to...OK, I would use it much more often than that, but still, maybe I don't want to edit my mountain of files every day. It's not outright ownership of the product, and involves being contractually-obligated.

In some ways It feels like the photog community, through the industry (-ies?) involved, has more interest in owning/utilizing/talking latest/greatest rather than just focussing on image making. That's harsh, I understand, but I've looked at a lot of processed/edited pics from adobe subscribers that look like bored snapshot shooters who probably brag about their subscription. "Ah, yes...Here's another over-saturated pic of my fat kid's soccer game....! And my dog? And that jar of peanut butter on my counter...that's a macro-lens!" Really,  would love to participate in a discussion of what's available for someone like me who doesn't accept the new business model of adobe's, but who wants to be able to take advantage of the possibilities of new camera/lens/computer tech. Thoughts?

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