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Re: I recant

MyReality wrote:

Agree. Below is my reply to Richard Stone above about Foveon:

"You said you like the detail of what a Foveon sensor produces. I am assuming you are talking about pixel peeping. To me detail is only relevant in a practical sense. If I can pick out a Foveon print from all others in a valid double-blind test of same size prints, then a will be impressed."
"Some people like to look at detail or tech for its on sake. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is not part of my makeup.

Foveon sensor people seemed to be very biased towards their equipment.

MR: This is a Sigma "digital camera" forum, a site dedicated to discussion of Sigma cameras, which at one point meant only Foveon sensors. What else would one therefore expect except a discussion of Sigma digital cameras?

I bought the SD10 in 2005 because I liked the various pictures it produced that I saw on this site and others. After I bought it remained pleased with it.

I bought the sdQ in 2017 because I like the images I saw on this site and others. I remain impressed with the detail that shows up on the screen and in the prints. but to truly do the files justice I would have to buy a bigger and better printer. Yes, it does better than what I can print.

I didn't really buy the  cameras only because of the detail I saw, but it was part of the decision. Before the SD10 I had been using MF film and a Contax G2. I liked the Foveon colors. I liked the simple camera menu. I still think the Foveon does better than similarly priced Bayer cameras in almost all aspects. Is the "resolution" better in the Sigma cameras? The sdQ Foveon is about as good as it gets. The lenses are superb. The sensor is unique.

The wife doesn't think the pictures of her need to get any sharper.

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