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Nutty Lutty wrote:

ZX11 wrote:

Nutty Lutty wrote:

tbcass wrote:

Just a thought but maybe you are satisfied with what you have because you have never used anything better?

I imagine there are still a chosen few who are content with square wheels and attribute their disdain for the round ones to their "skill" at driving.

Are you equating Sony pasting another feature onto their plastic cameras with the invention of the wheel?

Of course Sony's marketing team/social media influencers would like buyers to think so. But to me, those features are right up there with the days when one could determine the best camera by the megapixel number printed on the body. Brainless features for big box store salesmen to push.

"Look ma, this camera has 20 features. Now with insect eye detection!"

Some good observations there.

Canon would like nothing more than for people to "determine the best camera by the megapixel number printed on the body." After all, that's why they released the 5DSR (if we're being honest, apart from MP, what did that camera have going for it?), and are now leaking rumors of an upcoming +80MP body.

Yeah, the 5DSR became a market hit...

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