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Teila Day wrote:

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Teila Day wrote:

Bill Ferris wrote:

Whether we're talking about his photos of Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, various night skyscape compositions or other of his photos, Lik has lead the public infatuation with a variety of locations and subjects. Most anybody who's visited and photographed these places in the last decade, whether they know it or not, have been influenced in those decisions by Mr. Lik.

I was thinking that most people shooting the canyons would've been shooting the canyon(s) irrespective of his work with the plethora of photographs of the popular Canyons and other points of interest posted online.

A second point most comments have missed is Mr. Lik's skill at building and maintaining his personal brand.

Absolutely. Photography is about business first as far as I'm concerned... if you have that Lik'd (couldn't help myself) then you'll realize a palatable profit irrespective of your level of expertise.

Lik understands better than most that the reason a person will pay 10s of millions of dollars for a Picasso is, it's a Picasso.

I think he understands it like most people understand it... An original Picasso sells for what it does because it's an investment blessed by discerning individuals who heavily invest in art. Nothing against Mr. Lik, but I don't think he's in that category yet but I hope he hits a home run in that context.

I do not. As much as I like marketing outside the confines of the established art world, I'd prefer it done more honestly.

Marketing outside of the establishment isn't dishonest by default. It's business... No different than some car guy going on and on about how about how an exotic motorcar will increase in value... when most depreciate; but nothing wrong with artificial markets to keep/drive prices up. Again- that's business.

Lying is unethical, regardless of what business it is in. And you are, as an American, using the car business as an ethical guideline?

Lady Gaga understands the value of personal brand.


Andy Warhol was the master of personal brand and that was generations before a phrase had been coined to identify that concept.

Not a stretch, and practically a true statement.

Peter Lik understands and masters personal brand, as well.

Again.. Fact.


Not agreed.

You don't have to agree with truth, but that doesn't change the truth.

You clipped that and it removes context. My not agreed was followed by the bits below that explained was I was not agreeing with. which is the personal brand comparisons to Lady Gaga and Andy Warhol. More people have heard of wither of them than have heard of Lik. His penetration of public consciousness is fairly small. Unlike either Gaga or Warhol.

My father doesn't listen to contemporary music, but he's heard of Gaga.

Many who listen to contemporary music haven't heard of Gaga.

He doesn't like "modern" art, but he knows of Warhol.

Many don't know Warhol or any well-known artist by their art for that matter.

He does like photography, but he's never heard of Lik. Whilst anecdote ≠ anecdata, I'd wager Lik's penetration into the collective consciousness is not very deep.

I agree.. because most people don't know artists (outside of what's been rehashed to death in secondary school) dead or alive.

No. Because he markets to a small audience.

Shady marketing is one thing.... but plain ole' common sense defying marketing isn't any more shady than some grubby guy at a Fair telling you to step-right-up and take a crack at winning a $2 teddy bear for $10 worth of tickets in order to make the attempt at winning... again, that's not shady, it's just so fiscally ridiculous that it's considered 'carnival' (figuratively and actually).

His sales people would tell customers that their investment is hanging on their wall. Not ethical when there is no reason to expect an appreciation in value.

Unethical by definition.

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