Remote Flash Triggers for Nikon D600

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Re: YN RF-603II vs Phottix Ares

john isaacs wrote:

The Cactus V6 v1 can remotely control the power of the SB80DX flashes (and possibly the SB25). I have used both together, and they work very well. Cactus V6 is a transceiver, switchable between transmitter and receiver. I highly recommend them. They will work with a number of flash models; and you can mix/match in a given setup. I still use them with Nikon, Olympus, and Quantum flashes.

The RF-603II in TRX mode is both transmitter and receiver at the same time.  I can press the button on unit 1 and have unit 2 trigger my camera which (through the unit 2 mounted in its hotshoe) will then fire both a flash in unit 1 and a flash in unit 2.

I don't think that the Cactus does this kind of crisscross operation.

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