Does anyone run a reliable cloud service for images?

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Andy Hewitt wrote:

The problem I have is that I never know whenever I might just want to view any of my photos. Mine are all personal 'hobby' and family shots, and I often want to go to almost any part of my collection for various reasons - maybe to make a daft Moonpig card, or print for an album or calendar, or show to a family visitor.

Because of that, it's almost impossible to decide what to include or exclude.

Both Adobe CC and Apple iCloud offer exactly what I need/want from my photo storage and syncing services. However, neither have proven to be particularly reliable.

Photos fits the bill perfectly, I don't mind the DAM organisation, and any shortfalls I have usually been able to work around somehow. Editing is sufficiently good for my needs, and as powerful as you need to make it with the extensions ability. The database fails too often, I have created and deleted the library many times, but after a week or two of use, it starts to crash and becomes unusable.

Lightroom and CC are more than I ever need, really, but again, we seem to be all too often fixing issues with the syncing system.

It's all features I find useful, and want to use, but they are still too fragile, IME and


I am currently using Lightroom Classic and local storage for all of my photos and really want something that allows me to access everything from several different computers (PC and Mac) as well as my iPhone and iPad.  Seems like Lightroom with Creative Cloud or Photos are about the only choices that would work for my needs.  I am very leery of Photos as I have experienced some of those syncing issues you mention myself.  I am leaning towards Lightroom, which of course has the subscription cost.  Since I'm already paying for extra iCloud storage it would have been nice if Photos was more stable, but it's not and more limited than what can be done in Lightroom.  I'm hoping iOS 13/iPadOS/Catalina stabilize things but it will be a while before they are released and proven to be stable.

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