Polarizing Filter for Studio Light/Flash Units

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Polarizing Filter for Studio Light/Flash Units

I have read that a polarizing filter can be used with light units as a last measure to reduce glare from highly reflective subjects or articles associated with subjects.

That suggests that there are polarizing filters that can be applied to a Balcar mount or can be fitted to a Balcar mount via a filter frame.

I understand that the heat of a light unit can damage such a Polarizing Filter.

Buff does not offer a polarizing filter. After digging, I found there are linear polarizing film filters for speedlites that wrap around the flash head. I could not find a polarizing filter for use on studio flash units, except maybe, this rather expensive Tiffen:


It is a linear polarizer. It is 4"x4" and does not look like it would fit Buff's LiteMod Mainframe which I believe fits 7"x7" inserts. The circular hole through Buff's filter holders also looks bigger than 4" diameter.

Just found another 6.6" x 6.6" from Tiffen:


This looks to be a closer match for Buff's LiteMod Frame, but I don't know for sure.

Given that using a Polarizing filter ought to be a last choice for studio lighting, I am still interested in knowing what would be a best choice for a polarizing filter.

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