Photographers vs. Audiophiles (Part 2): Audio Woo

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not nonsense. sense

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

tbcass wrote:

I agree 100%. The distortion produced by even the best speakers combined with room acoustics and the fact that the human ear is far from the most sensitive in the animal kingdom means any minute differences in sound between amplifiers, speaker wire and other components will be overwhelmed and inaudible.

Nonsense. Sounds like somebody's listening skills need an upgrade.

They tested a group of discerning audiophiles once to see much distortion they could hear. On a sine wave, it was about 1%. On real music, it was about 10%. The human ear, as are most our senses, is great in some areas, but terrible in others.

Personally, I thought vinyl sounded like junk. I could hear the needle bouncing off the groves, the distortion killing my hears. But some audiophiles believe vinyl is still the greatest thing ever. Snootiness at it's best. The more esoteric, the more other people don't have it, the better it sound.

Ultimate, emotions and bias impacts what we see, hear, taste and smell more than reality.

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