Mobile App/device viewing for location headshot sessions

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Re: Mobile App/device viewing for location headshot sessions

Richard B99 wrote:

Both use Z WiFi and are far less fuss and actually faster than SnapBridge. If you want to work a bit faster with RAW just shoot RAW + jpeg and use the jpeg (you can of course choose the jpeg resolution from the normal camera options) for the client review. The fast Z WiFi significantly improves performance anyway over other bodies. Even RAW transfer is usable on my Z6 but Z7 is going to take longer.

That new WiFi really does change the wireless experience. I think you will find reviewing with client on IPad is a huge step forward compared with looking at the rear screen.


Thanks for that info. I did figure out that RAW+small basic jpeg does speed up transfer for review significantly to snapbridge.

Does snapbridge also work with wifi or do I use another Nikon app? I will look into those suggestions. Thanks

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