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Re: I recant

xpatUSA wrote:

PrebenR wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

I must have failed to make it clear that I use pixel-peeping only for the checking of image quality, NOT as a means to "take pictures of details".

Pixel-peeping does not show the image quality, at all.

I bow to your superior digital photographic knowledge.

I recant: pixel-peeping does NOT reveal:

- Artifacts

- CA

- Blur

- Noise

All images should be assessed only after zooming smoothed so as to fit fully within the viewing medium, whatever that might be.

It shows sensor/lens capabilities, accuracy of the photograph (in focus). All those aspects can be perfect, and the image is still crap.

Image quality doesn't come from perfect details alone.

Here's a definition of "image quality" for you to disagree with, all or in part:

It's for camera phones but just as applicable to other imagers, I reckon:

I will of course give your opinion much more weight than that of Norman Koren and Imatest.

A picture of a beautiful girl on the beach has a much higher image quality than a small, artificially-generated, pixel-sized mesh.

Thank you for pointing out my glaring error. Please feel free to have the coveted Last Word.

'bye ...


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