Photographers vs. Audiophiles (Part 2): Audio Woo

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Brev00 wrote:

No, what is being denied by the op and several others is the experience of the audiophiles they target. You can oppose my understanding of the different functions of the brain but that doesn't touch the argument that I have set forth as is clearly acknowledged:. No one denies yada yada yada.

Your whole contention I think (you expressed it so pedantically that it got lost) is if a person hears a difference then for that person it is real on a subjective level. I agree with that. The problem is it doesn't necessarily transfer to anyone else. On an extreme level schizophrenics live in a different reality subjectively. This discussion is about the fact that the person is for all intention being duped even if they don't know it.

The problem with arguing on a subjective level like this is the answers are as numerous as there are people. On the objective level the perceptions of different individuals is taken out of the equation. If you want to discuss the philosophical level of reality you are entering the metaphysical realm. It is an area that is interesting, important and merits discussion but IMO it belongs in a different discussion than this.

Originally you suggested "You are now entering the realm of philosophy an area in which you are not likely prepared to engage." You might be surprised that I am more versed in that area than you might imagine although it dates back to my college days long ago. I simply compartmentalize separating the concepts of physical reality from what is essentially a virtual reality. At the same time there is a relationship between the two realities that most people are unable to separate. Many arguments on gear in these forums result from the inability to separate subjective from objective reality and then arguing that what they experience subjectively must be true at a universal level. Claiming what camera has the "best" colors is a prime example.

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