Details, DP2M and Pixel-Peeping ...

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Re: Details, DP2M and Pixel-Peeping ...

PrebenR wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

I must have failed to make it clear that I use pixel-peeping only for the checking of image quality, NOT as a means to "take pictures of details".

Pixel-peeping does not show the image quality, at all. It shows sensor/lens capabilities, accuracy of the photograph (in focus). All those aspects can be perfect, and the image is still crap.

We are talking about technical image quality, not aesthetic quality. Resolution, noise and focus are all components of technical image quality.

Image quality doesn't come from perfect details alone.

Nobody said it did.

But what would have been a good picture artistically can be spoiled by a technical defect such as wrong focus or camera shake. I have a great many examples in my archives.

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