Photographers vs. Audiophiles (Part 2): Audio Woo

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I agree 100%. The distortion produced by even the best speakers combined with room acoustics and the fact that the human ear is far from the most sensitive in the animal kingdom means any minute differences in sound between amplifiers, speaker wire and other components will be overwhelmed and inaudible.

I can hear inaudible things!

Impossible, by definition.

Which implies that...?

It might just be your imagination. Your brain senses more than what come through your ear. But, by definition, you hear audible sound waves (air pressure waves) that are detected through your ear.

When people say they are hearing things, it might be from other than sound waves through the ear.

True. Music is felt in the body as well as heard. Through the ear is only one way we experience music. The brain also associates sounds to prior experience so one may experience any or all of the sensations memories can include. Songwriters and performers often consciously seek to touch people and inspire feelings like love and sadness. Some may notice subtle influences from both the music and their inner responses more than others. Audio is never isolated to the sensory reception of wavelength in the human brain. I think there is something exalted and exalting about man's experience of music. If a person wants to hear it. Crazy, huh?

My college friend, who was a devoted musician and organ player, told me he researched the great organs of the world and try to visit them just to feel the vibrations. I remember him telling me he would regularly drive to San Francisco to attend the services at the Grace Cathedral just to experience the organ.

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