Optical vs Software Photography ?

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Re: Optical vs Software Photography ?

Sorry Bud, but think Big, not small...

The software photography you have in mind is but way too small for a mind as wild and free as mine...

My vision of the Software Photography starts with a abstract concept of a image in my mind, and the software searches the Net to screen all ten billion photos that are connected with my vision to make a number of candidate composite images for me to click on one to select, or heck, selects one for me as a starting point.

Once a candidate image is selected, I will select a set of "Enhancement" commands to make a masterpiece that

- has infinite DOF but with beautiful bokeh,

- has vivid colors yet subdued,

- as sharp as a sushi knife yet soft as a whisper,

- full color spectrum in all lighting situation without dealing with WB and with no undesirable noises with some grains generated to bring us just the the mood.

- brings out our deepest emotions yet inspires rational debates,

- shows us 10:1 macro of the planet that is 10000 light year away with all the details that I deem essential to this masterpiece of my photo if I so desire, yet hides the imperfections on the face of the lovely creature that I imagine sitting 2 feet away from me smiling sweetly at me,

- avoids all debates about mirrorless vs mirrored cameras, large or small sensors, heavy or light camera gear, image stabilization on sensor or in lens or without it altogether, and with enough motion blurs to show actions or completely blur free, all at my discretion,

And if I don't feel like spending time specifying the "Enhancement" commands? It will generate one set that is probably better than this limited human vision can ever achieve anyway...

Think BIG, bud, think BIG... 

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