It's July 2019. Too close to the next release cycle to buy a Canon camera?

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5DS(R) is cheap right now ...

Julia Schott wrote:

Have my eye on both the 5DSR and the 1DX II.

Both, though, have been out, what, a few years?

What's the likely release cycle on these things? I'd hate to purchase one and see a successor released next month or two.

Anyone in a similar boat? What are your thoughts?

5DS(R) is cheap right now. The 5DS and 5DSR can both be found at great prices on ebay right now if you're OK with a grey market import. I got a 5DS for $1240. I think the R is about $300 more. This may be a short time deal. I'm guessing Canon is trying to get rid of the stock of these ahead of the rumored high MP RF camera.

I doubt the 1Dx will move much in price anytime soon, but that is just my guess. Rumors are of a new model for next years Olympics but that is a ways off.

I'm thinking the 5DS is on the way out with the new high MP RF camera. There is really no demand for DSLRs in the $3k+ range. 1Dx might be an exception, but even there mirrorless cameras are catching up and in some aspects passing it.

I'd recommend getting a 5DSR cheap while you can as they are not likely to be around much longer.

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