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Re: Brain myths

tbcass wrote:

Brev00 wrote:

I am suggesting balance, incorporating subjective experience with objective agreement.

I certainly would never disagree with that but some in this discussion were putting subjective experience above reason and science.

Actually, the original post was a complete rejection of the subjective experience of a straw man audiophile and others continued this critique of pure experience. My interruptions have been meant to point out the bias informing these posts. Perhaps confirmation bias is what underlies this use and misuse of science.

If anyone can identify the two philosophers whose quotes I mangled above, please do. (Sorry if I appear completely arrogant but that is the price I pay for liking my own writing. I once had a professor who did not like my work and I returned the favor. When I wrote my final paper, I decided to write it just for myself. He gave me an A for the paper and an A for the class though I had a c going in. Decided to continue writing for me going forward. Operant conditioning is a powerful thing.)

I say they are two completely different things and a thinking person can experience both but while keeping the two separate.

While thinking one analyzes, seeks agreement from others about the world outside even if that would outside is one's self. Deductive reasoning. The sentence you wrote above is based entirely in the analytic framework. Inductive reasoning is inclusive and, finds a whole rather than taking things apart. One finds universal truths in the most individual. I am using the analytic framework here, too. Poetry and painting are better media than expository writing for expressing this. Metaphor, analogies, symbols, allusions, associations are better at pointing to what I mean.

Or, I may be full of $$$t.

A prime example is when people say one camera has "better" color than another and takes this as dogmatic truth even though it is impossible to prove. This is usually done in a effort to prove their camera or brand is "better" than another.

Man seeks to avoid cognitive dissonance. What one does and thinks must be right, aka have agreement. I tend to say what's on my mind without links. More fun that way and keeps a dialogue between two people and what they think. Quotes are always out of context. I can suggest that you read Martin Buber's I and Thou as well as any scientific articles you like to peruse. I often refer to Lao Tsu's Tao Te Ching. I also like to read anotherMike's reports of his rigorous analysis of lenses here on DPReview.

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