Optical vs Software Photography ?

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golfhov wrote:

newmikey wrote:

mamallama wrote:

You seem to think that cameras in smartphones are not real cameras.

Correct. They are mini-modules which can capture images. Here's the one in the iPhoneX. Hardly qualifies as a "camera" wouldn't you think?

You may want to look up the definition of "camera" this easily qualifies

No shutter, no aperture, no proper corrective elements with varying diffraction indexes. Most you could say is that they are simple optical elements with a semiconductor capture chip.

Feel free to check the definition of "camera". It's boring but he is right

What about old disposables, point and shoots, and smaller formats from the film days?

Like smartphone cameras?

No, smartphones are what the name implies...smart phones. You wouldn't mistake a smartphone for a desktop computer either even though it does some of the things a computer does.

A smartphone is a varied instrument. I refer to it as ALL sorts of things.

Why would you consider it a "camera" just because it is able to capture images?

By definition YES but it is rare most people refer to a smartphone as JUST a camera. Then again when in a conversation about taking a photo cell phone users often say "camera" and among normal people this rarely launches a conversation about defining "camera"

Yep, even a box with a hole in it is called a pinhole camera.

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