Optical vs Software Photography ?

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Re: Optical vs Software Photography ?

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Cameras of every sensor size have offered GPS since forever, either built in or via a snap-on accessory. In my years of shooting though I've never needed to know the exact location of a photo. Not once. Ever. In 45 years.

GPS sounds a cool feature but I am not sure how it is supposed to help me in photography, either.

I thought GPS helps me when I am lost.

Oh, I often use the GPS module when on vacation so as to see where I took the images. It's so easy to forget the details when traveling around. GPS can be handy but it doesn't really do anything else than pinpoint shooting locations.

I have a Canon with built-in GPS. It reportedly drains the battery very fast but I've never used it to see for myself.

Which model? Some models have a greater draw than others

For me it simply doesn't matter where I took a photo. As long I can identify the city or property by name, that's good enough. Of course other people may have more strict requirements.

Yup. Strokes for folks. We all have different memories and expectations. Popular tour destinations shouldn't be an issue but if you photograph less frequented stops the GPS could be helpful for all sorts of things.

To each his own but I don't know that GPS would be my top priority

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