Optical vs Software Photography ?

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Re: Optical vs Software Photography ?

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Cameras of every sensor size have offered GPS since forever, either built in or via a snap-on accessory. In my years of shooting though I've never needed to know the exact location of a photo. Not once. Ever. In 45 years.

GPS sounds a cool feature but I am not sure how it is supposed to help me in photography, either.

I thought GPS helps me when I am lost.

Oh, I often use the GPS module when on vacation so as to see where I took the images. It's so easy to forget the details when traveling around. GPS can be handy but it doesn't really do anything else than pinpoint shooting locations.

I have a Canon with built-in GPS.  It reportedly drains the battery very fast but I've never used it to see for myself.

For me it simply doesn't matter where I took a photo.  As long I can identify the city or property by name, that's good enough.  Of course other people may have more strict requirements.

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