Optical vs Software Photography ?

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Re: Optical vs Software Photography ?

An APS-C mirrorless camera system is no doubt on the way from Nikon.  Canon already has one.  How much gimmicky photo effects will be included is anyone's guess.  But still, who is the target audience?

Will DSLR enthusiasts be quick to switch over?  Some will but many others won't, especially if it's a new mount.  Battery life remains a major hurdle as well.

Will pros move from FF to APS-C or smaller?  Almost certainly not.

Will average people transition from cell phones back to cameras?  Probably not.

New entry-level photographers?  I think yes, but many will only choose the ML option if those are priced are competitively with entry-level and mid-range DSLRs.

As you know there are mirrorless APS-C camera systems available right now from Canon, Sony, Fuji...  So if you're sitting around waiting for Nikon to release one before you buy, why?

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