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Re: Brain myths

tbcass wrote:

24IS wrote:

tbcass wrote:

Brev00 wrote:

Hard to deny that some people are more analytically oriented while others are more experiential.

That is the same thing! When you analyze something experimentation is necessary to reveal the facts.

No, Tom. Brev00 said experiential. Learning as a gestalt thing. Perceiving something, and then forming an opinion about it. Gaining experience. It's a different slant on what may very well be the same root (I'm not Noam Chomsky, so how can I be sure?). Sort of like how cleave can have rather opposite meanings depending on context.

Maybe he did mean it that way but neither you nor I know for sure.

Is certainty required? The sentence "Hard to deny that some people are more analytically oriented while others are more experiential" makes perfect sense as it is.

If he did mean it that way then I think experimental was the wrong word to describe it IMO.

You mean to say here Brev00 mistyped and made an ambiguous statement?  And, here, I say ambiguous, because experimentation can be done within an analytical process, or by rote. But, again, I'm assuming that the word intended was "experiential." The sentence makes perfect sense so why not accept it prima-facie?

To me experimental means something new based on untested ideas so testing and experimentation is necessary to prove the validity of those ideas. As far as forming an opinion, well you know the saying, just like aholes everybody has one.

You are of the opinion that Brev00 made a typing error.  I don't agree.  By the way, Tom: I believe the word you want to use here is assumption, as in assume, or ass-u-me.

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