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Re: Brain myths

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In science a theory becomes a law when the evidence becomes so overwhelming that the chance of it being wrong is extremely small but it never reaches the point where it is 100% certain.

You'd better read this:

You are right and I should have known better. I was mixing up the English definition with the Scientific definition.

That is probably the most common reason people don't believe things like the theory of evolution and the theory of heliocentricity.  The general public equates "theory" with "guess".  I like to point out to them that gravity is "only a theory" but that testing out it's validity by jumping off a high object is not advisable, just because they don't understand what the term "theory" means in science.

A scientific law is merely an observation that something always happens without exception without knowledge of why it happens. A theory attempts to explain a phenomenon that is so pervasive that it is considered a scientific law. Newton's Laws of Gravity which Einstein tried to explain in his general theory of relativity is an example. Newton observed that things fall to the ground when unrestrained and developed mathematical formulae that could predict that movement. He had no idea why it happened. Einstein developed theories as to why it happens. Regardless the fact remains that there is no room for absolute dogma in science.


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