Leica Q2: high ISO shutter speed

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Re: Leica Q2: high ISO shutter speed

freediverx wrote:

Leica's statement:


And here's an attempt to explain in more detail...

The reason for maximum exposure times

According to Leica Camera AG, these limits have been set to prevent uncorrectable imaging errors caused by longer exposure times.

So what does that mean?

The ISO sensitivity values in digital cameras are increased by applying signal gain. An algorithm amplifies the signal, and the better the algorithm is, the more accurate a tone and color is even when a 200 ISO sensor sees it in dark. The software algorithm makes it pretend the sensor sees better in dark than it actually does. When it doesn't work it is called noise.

Unfortunately this process of either higher ISO and/or longer exposure time amplifies not only the signal, but also the noise of every image.


My take:

Leica feels that longer exposures at higher ISO settings result in unacceptable image quality degradation and so they prevent their cameras from operating at these settings. It's their version of "You're doing it wrong."


The correct quote is "you're holding it wrong", btw

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