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Re: Brain myths

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There is also the case of biology as biologists have determined that the two hemispheres of the brain have different functions. The left brain involves scientific analysis while the right brain involves appreciation of music.

That is largely a myth, the logic/art "functionality" is not neatly split between left/right.

Man, you guys are science obsessed. Hard to deny that some people are more analytically oriented while others are more experiential. You are proof of my hypothesis! But, keep posting science articles while I quote poets. And I know you can't stop judging people. Goes right hand in glove.

Nobody is denying that some people are more analytical and others more intuitive. What is being denied is the facile myth that this is linked to different behavior of the left and right halves of the brain.

Actually not. My post was about how the poster was seeing this discussion through the narrow lens of his analytic approach to life. Better, I think, to have a more balanced view, not needing to find scientific articles to support every point of view one has. The issue I have is the intolerance being shown to people who are seeing things differently. Although it is easy and reflexive to say that I am judging people for believing in science and accuse me of being anti-science, simply pointing out bias does not suggest bias.  I am suggesting balance, incorporating subjective experience with objective agreement.

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