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Re: Brain myths

tbcass wrote:

Brev00 wrote:

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Brev00 wrote:

There is also the case of biology as biologists have determined that the two hemispheres of the brain have different functions. The left brain involves scientific analysis while the right brain involves appreciation of music.

That is largely a myth, the logic/art "functionality" is not neatly split between left/right.

Man, you guys are science obsessed.

Yes I am and proud of it. Only science can save us from lies and superstition. I've been science obsessed since I was a child.

Hard to deny that some people are more analytically oriented while others are more experiential.

That is the same thing! When you analyze something experimentation is necessary to reveal the facts.

No, Tom.  Brev00 said experiential.  Learning as a gestalt thing.  Perceiving something, and then forming an opinion about it.  Gaining experience.  It's a different slant on what may very well be the same root (I'm not Noam Chomsky, so how can I be sure?).  Sort of like how cleave can have rather opposite meanings depending on context.

You are proof of my hypothesis! But, keep posting science articles while I quote poets. And I know you can't stop judging people. Goes right hand in glove.

It appears you are judging people based on their love of science.

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