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Re: Sorry Ted, I didn't realize you were serious.

MyReality wrote:

Obviously, the devil is in the detail. Why is the OP obsessing about detail? You do not need detail to know that she is beautiful. Playboy magazine used to airbrush away detail for their vision of beauty. So how useful is detail?

There are other subjects for photography (and painting). I agree that the important things in pictures of people are the general form, the expression and the body language; but with other subjects it's good to be able to go up close and see more.

But then, I treat people photography as a branch of wildlife photography, and very seldom shoot planned and posed sessions. So many of my best shots of people are technically bad. If you capture the person, I don't think this matters.

But in a shot like this, the detail does matter, and I want to zoom in:

There are many different kinds of picture.

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