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Way back when...

The sd9 was still new and exciting Troy Ammons posted a pic of a fly fisherman casting somewhere in Florida.  He calculated that the gauge of the flyline should have been one pixel in his image and the curve of the line was fully visible.

If he was right, I never checked his calculations, that would indicate that a single pixel or a string of them could be seen if the background against which they appear is sufficiently different and I suspect somewhat uniform.

I look at unsmoothed pixellation all the time when comparing images from different cameras and find it very meaningful.  I don't usually post what I find though as I don't think many others are interested.   What I am usually looking for is how much distinction one sees between a set of pixellated blocks in one image vs another.  The granules (not pixels) but blocks of color making up the image at different magnifications can have smaller and larger numbers of shades and degrees of gradation and the more they do generally the better the image appears at normal sizes unless of course the source of the granulation is some kind of noise but then I don't look at noisy photos.  If I did it would be because I was looking for information about noise.


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