It's July 2019. Too close to the next release cycle to buy a Canon camera?

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Re: It's July 2019. Are the next new models really better...

KariP wrote:

Julia Schott wrote:

Have my eye on both the 5DSR and the 1DX II.

Both, though, have been out, what, a few years?

What's the likely release cycle on these things? I'd hate to purchase one and see a successor released next month or two.

Anyone in a similar boat? What are your thoughts?

I'm not really an engineer and I cannot make real prophecies ...

Cameras get new "gadgets" - especially in the video department. If you are a photographer and have no interest in video the new cameras are not getting better really fast.

If you want a camera with EVF there are new models coming. IF OVF works better for you the existing cameras are already quite good .

I bought a 5DMkIV some months ago knowing, that it is more than 3 years old model - but I knew what it IS. Very good camera for my needs !

We do not know how much better the new models will be. 6D was a nice camera - MkII did not give better image quality, but better video and other useful stuff. 6DMkII never became very popular....

Well, 6D was the first really affordable full frame and sales took off like crazy. 6D mkll  was launched when relatively inexpensive  full frame was common. Consequently, there was no rush. I have both.

I had a 6D and never bought the Mk II. Now it is cheap...

And there are still many features I cannot even use in my new 5DMkIV... a lot to learn still.

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I started SLR photography in 1968, first DSLR was Canon 40D in 2007. Now Fujifilm X-E3 is my favourite traveling camera - also NEW! 5DMkIV for landscapes, BIF/nature .

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