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Scottelly wrote:

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FDecker wrote:

So, you artificially created an object with single pixel resolution just to show that, without pixel-peeping, the details of this object can‘t be properly seen on a normal monitor or iPad or whatever....?

I detect a certain incredulity and a bit of spin:

1) The object has single pixel dimensions, not "resolution".

2) The illustration proves to my satisfaction that the details of ANY object "can‘t be properly seen on a normal monitor or iPad or whatever" - not just "this object". My thread uses "this object" as an example because, being an artificial construct, it avoids the inevitable obfuscation caused by a real image taken with a real lens by a real photographer.

The main point of this thread is to show that pixel-peeping is necessary when one is interested in examining how detail is rendered in an image. Often, 100% doesn't hack it, unless ...

Oh . . . now I get it. Thanks for the explanation Ted. Sorry your initial posts went over my head.

So why are you arguing about pixel peeping being necessary?

Do I STILL not get it?

As you know, when commenting on an image, I have been known to post zoomed-in illustrations of detail - often when I'm bashing Quattro processing artifacts.

For illustrative purposes only, here's a 100% crop from a nice Merrill landscape posted here by @Ceistinne:

There's some rock detail (circled) which looks fine in this view and quite good in the original view.

But now please view that same detail at X7 (700%):

No need to see the original of this crop, the artifacts are now obvious and cause for concern in a pedantic view.

This thread is aimed directly at those who decry pixel-peeping as if it were somehow "wrong".

Interesting Ted. Do you think the artifacts could be a result of the scaling?

No. The scaling was by Nearest Neighbor with no smoothing, just the same as the mesh image.

Here's my result from scaling it with Preview:

I don't know what "Preview" is - but the smoothing that it applied is quite obvious, even in the above post view.

Here's my result from clicking the 'Smooth' checkbox in FastStone Viewer:

Looks quite similar, d'ya think?

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