Initial impressions on new G5x Mark II compared to the original

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Re: Initial impressions on new G5x Mark II compared to the original

mgalvan0828 wrote:

I picked up a G5X Mark II today and at the moment, I still have my original G5X. Just some quick initial impressions:

• Lens quality feels noticeably better from initial use. Will need to shoot more, but optics feel sharp throughout the range

how do you feel the lens use quality? You mean seems not feels

• Lens range overall is great. 120mm equivalent, f2.8, and the ability for much closer forcing at full tele really gives you some creative options

• Though the body feels fine, it does feel a bit more plasticky compared to the original


• The lens ring... probably the most noticeable difference. It feels a lot more 'cheaper' on the new model. I don't understand why Canon cheaped out here. Definitely all plastic and more loose then the metal ring on the original. Unfortunate, but something to get used to.

• Pop-up viewfinder is fine. Feels and looks great, similar to the original. Only thing is the eye sensor is on the LCD, so the image occasionally goes back to the LCD if my head moves to far to the left (using glasses).

• Focusing is noticeably faster compared to the original.

• Touch and drag focus while using the viewfinder is such an upgrade. No more randomly fosucing on the wrong thing like with the original.

• I miss the front dial quite a bit... really takes aways the feel of control of this camera. I know they took out to make it smaller, but given the lens ring sticks out farther, I don't think it would've made a difference

who asked it to be smaller?!

• Customization of the dials is limited. In fact, if you have the main lens ring set to standard, the rear dial becomes deactivated to everything! Why?!

• Video quality is much, much better! The higher bitrate 4K combined with being able to use EOS picture styles, makes it worth it alone if you are looking strongly at video.

• 4K is only accessible in the Video mode. If you hit the video record button in any of the photo modes, it uses only HD.

• You can't use the electronic level if you have the standard face AF on. Why?! This was on the original.

• Custom buttons are very limited.

That's it for now. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to take it out and really put it to use.

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