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Re: Recommended (and Bottom of the Ocean)

If you ride a lot I have a suggestion for you. I found one of the neatest ways to help document a motorcycle trip was to take along an inexpensive old film camera from the past.  You would be surprised how many old mostly 'instant, automatic' film cameras can be had for pennies that actually are capable of making some nice images. Take this thrift store find for example.

This is the Yashica T AF. I swear I paid like 3 dollars for it from the cheap electronics bin in a Goodwill in Sacramento. But the neat thing is this little camera fits nicely in my motorcycle jacket pocket and I can pull it out one handed while riding, point it at something, and click the shutter button. It is all auto so I dont have to fiddle with any settings, there is a plastic cover over the lens that only opens when you press the shutter (so the tiny piece of glass is protected while you are holding it in the wind), and best of all as much as I love this little thing if I accidentally dropped it while riding...well, it was only three bucks.

It has a decent Zeiss Tessar lens and overall I'm happy with the random images it can provide. There are still plenty of mostly hassel free ways to develop film and this camera can help capture a unique perspective from a ride.

Here are some images I have captured with it.

random california

shadow selfie

crossing the Bay Bridge into San Fran

my friend in San Fran

passing random bikers

stopped for pizza in Fort Bragg

Yashica was part of the kit

All these photos were taken on what became to be known as the Bottom of the Ocean Tour. My friend flew out from Texas to see me in California so we could ride the amazing roads out there. He rented an SV650 and I rode my Versys 650 (best bike I have ever owned, better even than my Ducati 900SS, and I loved that Super Sport).

We went from Sacramento over to San Fran, crossed the golden gate then headed up Hwy 1. I showed him the secret road I had found a while back, Meyers Grade Rd. We went deep up into the Redwoods and then all the way back over to the Nevada mts into Tahoe. We rode the slim ribbon of road past Emerald Bay which makes you feel like you are riding up into the sky. All in all it was a great ride.

Here are a few more photos from that trip. The first will show why its called the Bottom of the Ocean Tour. We found a place off Hwy 1 where you could carefully walk way out into the surf. The sea floor was rocky and you could actually walk quite a ways out to some jagged outcroppings of rock. It was insane to stand out there with the waves crashing all around. But dangerous too. It was actually probably pretty stupid since an errant wave could easily grab you and wash you out to immediately deep water. But still, it was amazing.

That furthest rock is much further out than it looks, and we walked out to it. My friend flees the tide


Yashica Selfie

Random biker gang up in the Sierra Nevadas. My friend in the back ground.

Those bikers were hard core

I mean....just look at that.

My friend poses at the tiny private beach one of our cheap hotels had available. NorCal is amazing.

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