Canon M50 vs 80D natural and better green

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Re: Canon M50 vs 80D natural and better green

KEG wrote:

Please just stop.

The colours from M, M2, M3, M5, M6, M10, M50 and M100 are all out of box nice and they all offer:

  • customizable picture styles
  • custom white balance
  • RAW support

Straight from Camera to my iphone. Zero post processing, the colours are 100% spot on

ravi pratap wrote:

Sir, why buy a camera I mean here mirrorless just because it is light which cannot render colors naturally and have to struggle for hours to get desired pictures! Canon dubs its mirrorless as step up from mobile and blogger! Certainly canon mirrorless are not for serious photography nor canon is serious about mirrorless, mirrorless is geared more towards video where it excel but the stills are not up the mark. I m clear about it and any canon DSLR is far better in still picture quality than mirrorless. Just for the sake of small one cannot compromise on photo quality. Soon that light weight crap will feel very heavy after unsatisfactory pictures and a heavy 80d feels light ! Canon does it deliberately or not I do not know !

Keg I think it's white flag time. This guy is incredibly is so badly informed it ain't funny.Either that or we are being played big time by someone who's just  wasting our time.

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