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Calling aglake and ohaya....

....first as to Ms. aglake...yes, you can upload a substitute image at any time...go, Edit Original image, get Pbase page, go to bottom and there is an upload and replace button that is quite easy.

As to your image, 800x800 for the original is exactly right....I have one over in pending here:


But then I saw what a great horizon this image has...which is rare enough, and in so seeing, I think I saw a different crop...sized 1000x770.

I (personally) try to go as large as possible on my 24 inch screen...so I generally try to keep the height to 800 pixels or less...so standard image is 1200x800 for me, or, for various reasons, variations between 1000 with and 1200 for width as long as height doesn't go over 800....panoramas I go 15~1600 because the height in never really a problem with panoramas.

So here is my crop, with the pier gone:



Mr. Ohaya's image size presents a much more difficult problem conceptually....being oversized forces the birds to appear telephoto...like a zoom in from being oversized...an effect that I liked.

Still, if a tighter image is to be achieved, via crop, this is for Mr. Ohaya to decide. Here is the image properly sized (in my estimation) at 1100x825....also, of course, not changed, but in Pending.


What the heck, I went ahead and did a tighter crop....sorry....;>}}


Best Wishes, Traveller

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