Initial impressions on new G5x Mark II compared to the original

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Re: Initial impressions on new G5x Mark II compared to the original

Sacratomato1 wrote:

Would you be left eyed by any chance? If you are, I'd be very interested in your experience using the viewfinder and your nose touching the LCD. Can the touch screen be disabled when using the viewfinder? Thanks, my finger is itching to click the "Buy" button at B&H.

I'm right-eyed.  Not sure if this helps, but I have an observation that is a real downfall.

I just used the camera throughout the day on a random day trip,  In testing out the viewfinder in random situations, I've found that the eye sensor is really finicky at times when I am using my glasses.

As it is located at the top of the LCD panel and not right next to the EVF within the eyecup like the G5x or G1x M3, I've noticed this has caused problems switching back to the LCD while using the EVF.  I don't know if its because glasses push your face a bit farther away from the sensor and it causes your face not to fully cover it at times, but it has been really unreliable during this day of use.  It seemed even worse when I tried to use the camera in vertical shooting.  I would be composing with the EVF and then it would randomly switch to the LCD if I moved in certain ways.

This is not good.  Anyone else with the camera have an issue with this?

This alone may make me return the camera and hold onto the G5X longer.  Usability is really important to me and Canon has made several changes throughout the camera that, to me, feel almost like a step back when compared to the original.  And the images so far don't seem to be a huge improvement.

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