Lens Aberration Correction Settings M50

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Re: Lens Aberration Correction Settings M50

lily munster wrote:

There are three settings to enable in the M50 Camera:

  • Peripheral lllum Corr
  • Distortion Correction
  • Digital Lens Optimizer

If I shoot RAW should these be set to YES? Does this even matter if I use Lightroom for editting the raw files and have lens correction option to choose there? I am not sure if ALL 3 of these matter for just JPG or also for RAW.

For now, I have all of them set to YES, assuming they are helpful for JPG at least (when I choose to shoot JPG in addition to RAW). Any down side to having these enabled?

Thank you.

I shoot RAW, so I have all of them disabled - enabling them only serves to slow the camera down.

My workflow includes applying any corrections, ALO (if required), DLO etc in DPP, saving as a TIFF, and then editing TIFF files in LR or PS. IME, DPP does a better job of these corrections/profiles and the RAW conversion than Adobe does.


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