Darkroom experts! : anyone sharpen raw to equivalent jpg shot?

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Re: Darkroom experts! : anyone sharpen raw to equivalent jpg shot?

gychang49 wrote:

Bbawt1 wrote:

I gave it a go in darktable

very good, can I ask for the steps u took to get the sharpness?, still have lots to learn...

Here is a link to the xmp file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ve33g355ssiy0m8/2019-08-02--19.49.24034.RW2.xmp?dl=0

In darktable, there are many ways to approach an adjustment such as sharpening, and it takes practice to do it well without over sharpening. I'm still learning myself. I'm using 2.7 beta so I'm not sure if you have that or 2.6.2 which is the stable release.

Highly recommend youtube tutorials from Bruce Williams Photography, Rico's Story, Boris Hajdukovic, Robert Hutton, Shane Milton, Harry Durgin.  All provide excellent instruction and different approaches to post processing using the very powerful darktable.

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