Darktable - reduce effect or reduce blend opacity?

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Re: Darktable - reduce effect or reduce blend opacity?

neoofmatrix wrote:

Bbawt1 wrote:

Although I use darktable, I expect my question may apply to many other programs that have blending modes. When I use a module, e.g. dehaze, darktable applies a default value. If I want to reduce the effect, I can reduce the effect slider - or, I can turn on the uniform blending and reduce the opacity. Both methods work and seem to give similar results, but I'm not sure if there are any technical advantages or one method over the other. On darktable youtube videos, I see both methods used.

The default values are just guidelines. Good method is to adjust them to your preference. If changing opacity helps, you can do it. But you can always play around with sliders to see what each one does at some extreme end, so you can see what each slider amplifies or suppresses. This in my experience is the easiest to learn new modules.

Yes, both methods seem to work. But what I'm finding in darktable, especially if you follow the discussions over at discuss.pixls.us is that there are lots of technical nuances behind methods - for example one method might have higher risk for halos due to the algorithms behind the approach.

With regards to the technical advantages, with Opacity you take it all or leave it all. But granular changes gives you more control over what effect you want to change. Also, at the core it, it is all maths, so I assume with Opacity you might introduce one more variable. Not that it will matter much.

Not sure what you mean by "take it all or leave it all" but opacity ranging from 0-100% is a wider adjustment scale that the strength effect scale - not that you can tell between 1% increments.

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