Photographers vs. Audiophiles (Part 2): Audio Woo

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How serious audio tests are done...

1. A large sample of target audience is selected. It could be general public, or people who call themselves audiophiles, or professional musicians, etc.

2. Every participant shell go through a basic audiological test - to remove people who have hearing problems (low sensitivity, frequency range restriction, etc.)

3. The audience is randomly divided into two groups, based, for example, on birth date: even and odd. Participants should not know in which group they are, or even that there is another group.

4. The first group goes through listening sessions where the unit under test is compared to the competing or previous generation product.

5. The second group goes through the identical listening sessions. They are told that the signal path is switched between the unit under test and the competing / older product, but no actual switching is done - they don't know that they are listening to the same unit all the time. This is your "control" or "placebo" group - it will hep to determine the likelihood of "false positives" - when people say that new products sounds better when there is actually no difference at all.

6. Statistical analysis is used for results interpretation.

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