Photographers vs. Audiophiles (Part 2): Audio Woo

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Re: Photographers vs. Audiophiles (Part 2): Audio Woo

Don_Campbell wrote:

In signalling terms, the signals in audio systems are "low frequency" at their highest frequencies. Low frequency signals are pretty undemanding for transmission through reasonable lengths of electrical cables. The exceptions come with cables with conductors that are too small to be low enough in resistance to drive inefficient speakers from a long distance of cable. For normal speaker systems in a normal livingroom or den, even modest two-conductor "speaker cable" is sufficient.

That's not true. We deal with the skin effect even on 60Hz power lines, and the effect is pretty large (see the ACSR cable design for example).  Skin effect can be a major driver in power handling component design (i.e. ribbon window inductors wouldn't exist if not for the importance of skin effect even at just a few kHz).  Even on signal wires there can be a big difference between 2 conductor wires that are parallel, twisted pair or coax which is why those types exist.  As you might know, analog telephone cable is twisted pair. Given the billions of miles of that stuff installed, they wouldn't have gone to the trouble had it not been necessary.  If you still don't believe it, ask yourself why Litz wire exists.

That said, I use Kimber Kable 4pr which is reasonably priced and takes care of both noise and the skin effect on speaker cable adequately. I use Teflon low capacitance coax on analog signal cable and that handles low current signals under 20kHz essentially perfectly since it's fully capable of acceptably handling signals into the hundreds of MHz range.

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