Affordable flashunits with Bowens-Mount

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Re: Affordable flashunits with Bowens-Mount

UnknownReader wrote:

hey guys, thank you so much for your feedback!

We are very aware of focus shifts/problems on small f-numbers. But more and more cameras are offering liveview and/or eye-AF capabilities. So in the end i dont really see the advantage of buying an overpowered system, when you can always crank up the 200w/s versions and use f16 at full power? why not having the option of using both?

Modern cameras perform well enough that using ISO 200, or even 400, isn't going to reduce the image quality significantly. Touch screen Live View and Eye-AF also reduces the missed focus problem.

That doesn't mean that shooting at wide apertures is still problem free.

At wide apertures you still have to make sure that the ambient light level is low enough to prevent ambient light contamination. I always take a test shot at the subject exposure with no studio lights active but their modeling lights turned on. If I see more than a very faint image I know I have to reduce the ambient lighting or modeling light level.

I make it a point to shoot outdoor portraits in open shade. This means that I can use my GN60 hot-shoe flash with a 43" white umbrella diffuser and not have to use a higher powered strobe. I strongly believe in KISS, and strobes add an unnecessary layers of complexity and weight vs hot-shoe flash.

If you do shoot in direct sunlight with a diffuser then you are going to find that 200Ws is not sufficient, you want 1200Ws of power.

The modeling light in the MS200/300 lights is bright enough to be useful when shooting portraits and even bright enough that you can use just the modeling lights for product photography.

The AD200/eVOLV 200 is frequently recommended. It isn't bad for location shooting but it doesn't have a modeling light. If you want a modeling light you also have to buy the AD-B2 bracket, and then the modeling light is so weak that it is practically worthless.

Stick with the SK300/400 or the MS200/300 strobes for studio work.

Probably our biggest goal would be reliability. Probably both walimex and godox play in the same league, right? or is one company more trustworthy than the other?

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