Photographers vs. Audiophiles (Part 2): Audio Woo

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Re: Photographers vs. Audiophiles (Part 2): Audio Woo

tko wrote:

As a scientist, my advice is to be skeptical to everybody who claims that what you hear and feel is pseudo-science and he can explain to you why is that so. As a former audiophile I can tell you that I have heard difference between cables, confirmed by my wife whose sole purpose in life at that time was to make me spend less. There are other claims in that link which contradict my experience.

You should know better. Would any scientist in the world accept the subjective word of another scientist when, say, doing drug testing? Nope, that's why they invented blind and double blind testing and peer reviews and statistics.

I'm sure you know what the Dunning-Kruger effect is. Linus Pauling was a smart guy, but convinced vitamin-C would cure everything because it made him feel good. Doesn't matter how smart, how trained you are. You can't trust you own senses, because they are filtered through what they want to believe. Like homeopathy and other treatments that cure you because you want to believe.

Yes, what one person subjectively sees and hears is pseudo-science. That's a fundamental principle.

What a nonsense. The first thing you learn as a scientist is that the reality beats your theories, does not matter how smart they may sound, every single time.

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