sony RX100 mk7 vs Canon PowerShot G5 X Mark II

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Digital Nigel wrote:

mermaidkiller wrote:

buratino wrote:

below is G7X Mark I's image:

at 24mm (FF)

Is Mark III's lens better than this one? I hate Sony's ergonomics, but Canon's quality is a no-no for me!

I have both Sony RX100M6 and Canon G7Xii, but the ergonomics is rather similar. And these RAWs can simply be corrected with Adobe RAW.

DxO is much better for lens correction than ACR. And even then, you get soft, noisy corners and edges with the G7X because of the heavy barrel distortion and vignetting. The RX100M6 is better

I don't see how the RX100VI is better in that regard. Distortion and vignetting look essentially identical to me:

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