s1 vlog update redemption?

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Got mine today

Received my DMW-SFU2 upgrade key today. I'll document the process in case anyone wants a quick-start when they get theirs. You receive a nondescript Panasonic box with a manual and black envelope that cans the SFU2 key code


DMW-SFU2GU installation guide and key code envelope

The black envelope contains an anti-tamper security mechanism that displays "void" when opened

Anti-tamper envelope print when opened

The SFU2 key code card inside the black envelope

SFU2 key code card

The activation instructions are as follows:

  1. Verify the camera's firmware is 1.2 or later
  2. Export the camera's serial number to a file onto the media card via Setup -> Setting -> Activate -> Export Serial Code. This puts an encrypted version of the camera's serial number into a file named PRIVATE\PANA_GRP\PAVC\LUMIX\ACTV\SERIAL.LST
  3. Mount the media card on your computer
  4. Go to the Panasonic activation site at https://eww.pavc.panasonic.co.jp/enhance/ActivationTop/en
  5. Upload the SERIAL.LST from the media card to the activation site
  6. Open the black envelope and enter the SFU2 key code printed on the card onto the activation site.
  7. The site will download the generated file ACTIVE.LST to your system. Save it to the same folder as the SERIAL.LST file on the media card
  8. Import the activation file via Setup -> Setting -> Activate -> Import Activation Code
  9. The camera gives a success indication and prompts you to cycle power

Here is a quick 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 video I took in vlog and graded quickly in Premiere. Naturally I managed to blowout some of the highlights trying to ETTR the vlog

Here's some of the out-of-camera metadata for the recorded video: Video Metadata.

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