The truth and nothing but the....

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Re: The truth and nothing but the....

Roland Aalto wrote:

Hi you all 300D owners,

Now after nearly 20000 pics my beloved Olympus E10 experienced a
fatal crash due to a broken pin i the CF cardreader unit and I'm
looking forward a costly repair...

Therefore one way to solve this is to buy a new camera, and for
sure the
EOS-300D seems like a very interesting alternative.

But after reading the forum I lack more relevant info on the camera!
There is a lot of info on how great the camera is but please let
us (who are considering this investment) know what the drawbacks
and problems with the camera, if there are any i.e.

After 4 years in the world of digital photogaphy I just can't
belive the 300
is the final solution.

For example I heard the shutter noise is extremly high? true? and
can't be adjusted? Also that some of the controls are not designed
in a logic easy way?

etc... ??

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Hi Roland. I have an uzi and an E20. Love the E20 but the DR is great. Only had it a week but you can check by pbase site and see shots from both. I have the kit lens, 28-135 IS USM and 75-300 IS USM. Uzi probably will not get much use anymore. E-20 and Bazooka for real long shots but DR will get lots more I believe. I find layour of buttons very good, battery life is excellent not as good as my Lipo on the E20 but may get the battery grip for DR as well. Even though DR only takes 4 shots continuous the buffer clears so quickly you can run off many times more than the E20 when buffer is full. I was taking pics of a GBH on Saturday and scared him off and managed to catch 5 frames of him in flight.


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