Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

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Re: Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

Ed Rizk wrote:


My old Sony HX1 would do that. I would get HDR sweep panoramas by doing three sweeps on a tripod, then running them through Photomatix. Clients and customers never liked them for interiors.

A couple of the realtors I shoot for are old friends. I offered to help them find a good enough set up they could buy for $1000+/- and teach them to take their own pictures. If it worked out, I was thinking about offering a class at the Board of Realtors. They had no interest, even for free. No one I talked to does.

I get better pictures of my own listings than I do for other people, not because I care more, but because I visit the site multiple times at different times of the day anyway, so I can always try something that might look better than what I got the first time, and I I can take one side of the building in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

When I explain that, I just get a blank stare and an offer of more money to shoot better pictures for them.

If you were paying someone else to take the photos, do you think it would make financial sense to pay them extra to visit the site multiple times and take the sorts of images that you take?   How much extra would it be worth to you?

My suspicion is that you spend the time and resources to get better photos because it is something you enjoy doing, and you take pride in your photography.

From a business perspective, investing in a lens only makes sense if can pay for itself in some way.  Typically by allowing you to create images that bring in more money, or by reducing the time it takes you to produce your images.

From a business perspective, once the images are "good enough for the intended purpose," the client probably doesn't want to spend extra for something better than that.

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